Royal Links Golf Club Maintenance Schedule

Let’s talk about the 11 courses of the British Open rotation. They’re legendary. They’re fabled. They’re part of the game’s rich history. And, as such, they’re incredibly maintained to ensure a world-class experience for pros, amateurs and golf enthusiasts alike. The characteristics of the courses are quite unique and are significantly different than courses you may be used to here in the United States. Now imagine transplanting 18 of the best holes from Scotland and England across the world to the desert climate of Las Vegas. To honor the heritage of these courses at our very own Royal Links Golf Club, we uphold the same standards when it comes to maintaining our pristine fairways, greens and bunkers.  Therefore, each hole will be maintained as it is maintained across the pond.

Aerification Information

Upcoming aerification procedures are scheduled for August 6-12, 2018.  We realize this process may be an inconvenience affecting dates of play. Aerification, though, is crucial in maintaining the pristine state of our turf, as it allows oxygen to reach the deep, healthy roots beneath the surface. Once the fairways and greens have healed, you’ll enjoy optimal playing conditions that benefit both your score and your Open experience.

Overseeding Information

There are no upcoming overseeding procedures at Royal Links Golf Club.